Hemp seeds and hemp oil are associated with very many benefits. The discussion below looks deeply at the benefits of both of them.

To start with let’s look at the benefits of hemp seed.

Going biologically hemp seeds come from a plant that is similar to marijuana but has comparatively very low amounts of psychoactive compounds. It is one to be one of the rarest natural sources that contain the perfect balance of all essential vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins. That too is present in desired quantities. Scientists even admit that the composition of hemp is such that it is quite similar to our body nutrients and hence can be easily digested and accepted by our body.

Let us understand what makes this small seed so special and why a hemp seed diet is beneficial?

Provides memory and an Immune boost to the body

Science says that hemp contains an unidentified compound that promotes the learning process of our body. It is also responsible for increasing our immune strength as well as helps us in improving our memory strength. According to the University of Michigan, it may have the power enhance Calcineurin which is the brain enzyme responsible for activities of the brain such as synapse. Moreover, the seed contains all essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immunity of our body.

Source of Vitamin E

It contains Vitamin E which can help in increasing the immunity function as well as helps in protecting us from several diseases. With the help of vitamin K, vitamin E is also helpful in the process of blood coagulation. Additional for good health of nails, skin, and hair this vitamin comes recommended.

A natural source of all Essential Fatty Acids

It is known to be a rare and rich source of all essential fatty and amino acids. It contains the desired ratio of omega 3 and Omega6 fatty acid. Omega 3 is responsible for the reduction inflammation in the body. It is also known to lower the risks of Cancer, Heart diseases, arthritis and other diseases. Moreover, it contains all the 10 amino acids required by our body.

Other hemp seeds health benefits

It is also a rich source of fibers that help in improving the bowel movement. A better bowel movement calls for a better overall digestion of the body. It contains phytonutrients as well that is helpful in promoting blood and tissue health.

Here are the benefits of using hemp oil

Better than butter

Hemp oil has low saturated fats. In fact, only less than a gram of saturated fats are found in around a tablespoon of this oil, which is less than butter or lard. If you a heart problem or someone who wants to monitor their cholesterol levels, hemp oil is a better choice, also because it contains a good amount of fatty acids, which are good for the heart.

Great for your skin

Beauty experts swear by the benefits of hemp oil for the skin. With the correct proportions of both Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, hemp oil brings out incredible results for the skin. It is also high in linolic acid, which is used in many skincare products, especially ones that are meant for treating acne and pimples.

Good for hormonal balance

Hemp oil contains gamma-linolic acid, that helps in enhancing the balance of the hormones. GLA is extremely useful for women and can assist in easing the signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. In the past Hemp oil was also used to relieve pain during menstruation.

Reduce your pain

If you have arthritis or have any sort of chronic pain, hemp oil can help. Research and studies have proved that the use of fatty acids can help with pain, and since hemp oil is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, you should see a difference in your condition in a month at the maximum. Of course, the effects can seem different to different people, but most patients have claimed great things.

As you can see from the discussion above both hemp seed and hemp oil have numerous benefits. One should not be afraid to use them for they only benefit your body and overall wellbeing. These two products are a solution to very many problems people may be facing. The right thing to do is to get these two wonderful products and use them to witness the benefits all by yourself.